Meet Fiscal Training Solutions!

Amy Grabowski, Owner                                                                                                                                          Amy Grabowski founded Fiscal Training Solutions in 1999. Her more than twenty years of accounting experience coupled with a decade as an educator positioned Amy to help small businesses transition from outmoded bookkeeping practices to a more modern and efficient way of handling company finances. Amy is a Certified Member of the QuickBooks® Pro Advisor program and offers personalized QuickBooks® set-up, troubleshooting, consulting and bookkeeping services.  You can contact Amy via email at She’ll take your business “from the shoebox to the accountant.”

Maureen Grenier, Office Manager                                                                                                                        As our Office Manager, Maureen Grenier brings years of customer service experience to our operations. She is well versed with QuickBooks and ACT (our customer relations software) and the new payroll software Fiscal Training Solutions utilizes for all its customers. In many respects, Maureen is the “voice” of FTS. She is responsible for the office’s administration, responding to clients, paying the bills, and distributing invoices.  In addition, Maureen is the in-house bookkeeper for several of our clients.

Rose Grabowski, Social Media Coordinator                                                                                                   As our social media coordinator, Rose is our Jill of All Trades. Well versed in MS Office, Publisher and, she helps FTS stay visible and current in a number of media. She also helps maintain customer relations with our ACR software. After hours, Rose is the coordinator of the mentoring program for a local sports team.


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